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Anna Judd-Edwards

Anna Judd-Edwards (1947 -     ) came to the paintbrush rather late in life.  She spent many years as a successful fiber artist in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Her innovative quilts and wearable art garments have been exhibited in local, national and international shows.  She has enjoyed both recognition and awards in this field; as exhibitor, teacher and lecturer.  Many of her works have been featured in books and publications.


Her wearable art pieces have been sold in California and Santa Fe, N.M.


From her work with fabric came her desire to paint.  When, in l996, a decision to take a series of watercolor classes taught by Christine Messer, opened a new creative passion she had not expected.  Painting had spoken to her soul; that quiet, content place within us all.


As more and more time was spent painting, there came the realization that painting was the one thing she must pursue.  Progressing quickly by a serious minded dedication and disciplined approach.  Much of her painting knowledge is self-taught.


When seeking additional needed instruction, she has carefully chosen teachers whose work and talent she respects.  The most influential of these are; David Leffel, Ramon Kelley, Roberta Remy, Jason Bowen and especially the individual influences of Yuqi Wang and Daniel Gerhartz.


While an active member of The California Watercolor Association she was very involved in the “outreach art program”.  This program brought art materials and instruction into the art depleted school system.


In 2002, Anna and her husband moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The city and its people have long been an inspiration.  Santa Fe has played an important part in the sensitive portrayal of floral and figurative work for which Anna is so fond.


In 2014, they returned to California to be closer to family.  They now live in the rural area of Elk Grove, not far from Sacramento.


One of the wonderful things about maturity (at whatever age it might happen) is becoming brutally honest with ones self about paths chosen.  These paths have been unexpected gifts.


Anna now says the future will find her with one hand holding her family, and the other holding a paintbrush.


Memberships:   Oil Painters of America 

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